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Manufacturer: FAS
Complete Wireless Entry Pawn Shop Magnetic Lock Kit
Complete Wireless Entry Pawn Shop Magnetic Lock Kit
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Pawn Shop Magnetic Lock Kit

Please Select Your Magnetic Lock Below.

This kit comes with everything you need to create a wireless entry access solution for a pawn shop. Wireless range up to a 150+ feet line of sight. You may add a battery backup, extra battery, electric deadbolt, electric strike or magnetic lock to this kit.

  • 1 433 MHz Long Range Wireless Receiver (Range 150+ feet line of sight)
  • 2 433 MHz Remotes
  • 1 Power Supply
  • 1 Push Button (Red or Green, depending on stock)
  • 1 On / Off Permanent Key Switch
  • 1 Magnetic Lock Buzzer
Additional Product Information

Long Range Wireless 1 Channel Kit (433 MHz):
Model TSFAKIT433-1K 2 channel long range receiver (433 MHz) kit with two 1 channel mini keychain transmitters is the perfect wireless access control solution for any electric magnetic lock or gate access system. Range up to 150+ feet. More Info

On / Off Permanent Key Switch: Heavy duty switch and cast stainless steel face plates provide unparalleled performance. This high visibility switch, Model PB21K provides a convenient way of powering on or off an electric locking device. Our easy to operate key switches are ideal for use in any facility with access controlled entry/exit. More Info

BZ05 External Buzzer: Model BZ05 Mini External Buzzer for access control Lock systems. Buzzer sounds informing you your magnetic lock is demagnetized / unlocked. More Info

We recommend pairing this Pawn Shop Wireless Magnetic Lock Kit with the 600LSDM, 600LSDSDM, 1200LSDM, 1200LSDSDM, 1300GF or the CE1625LSWR magnetic locks.

All Magnetic Locks Include Armature Plate & Mounting Hardware For Basic Out-swing Applications.

**Note: In-swing Doors require L & Z Brackets sold separately and available in our "Magnetic Lock Brackets" section.

Choose Your Electric Lock No Electric Lock
300 LBS. - H300HC - Non-Weather Resistant, CE Approved (+$74.00)
400 LBS. - 400GF - Weather Resistant, Surface Mount (+$79.00)
400 LBS. - 400GS - Weatherproof, CE Approved (+$79.00)
600 LBS. - 600LSDSDM - Non-Weather Resistant, CE Approved (+$85.00)
600 LBS. - 600LSDMBZ - Non-Weather Resistant, Built-In Buzzer (+$89.00)
600 LBS. - UL600LSDM - Non-Weather Resistant, CE & UL Approved (+$89.00)
600 LBS - 600LSWR - Weather Resistant, CE Approved (+$84.00)
1200 LBS. - 1200LSDSDM - Non-Weather Resistant, CE Approved (+$94.00)
1200 LBS. - UL1200LSDM - Non-Weather Resistant, CE & UL Approved (+$97.00)
1200 LBS. - CE1200LSWR - Weather Resistant, Surface Mount (+$99.00)
1300 LBS. - 1300GF - Weather Resistant, CE Approved (+$99.00)
1625 LBS. - CE1625LSWR - Weather Resistant, CE Approved (+$245.00)
Double Door 600 LBS. - UL2x600LSDM - Non-Weather Resistant, UL & CE Listed (+$139.00)
Double Door 1200 LBS. - UL2x1200LSDM - Non-Weatherproof, UL & CE Listed (+$195.00)
Mortise Mount 300 LBS - 300C - Non-Weather Resistant, CE Approved (+$75.00)
Mortise Mount 600 LBS - ULM600LSD - Non-Weather Resistant, CE & UL Listed (+$89.00)
Electric Strike - HS125SLD Medium Duty Electric Strike (+$39.99)
Electric Deadbolt - MLK-H-ELECBOLTSLD Electric Deadbolt (+$89.00)
Battery Backup Option No Battery Backup
Include 12VDC7ABUP - Battery Backup Only (+$96.50)
Include 12VDC7ABUPBOX - Battery Backup With Box (+$118.50)
Additional Battery No, I do not want an additional battery
1 Additional Battery Back-Up 12V / 7Ah - DCS-MA-004 For Extended Battery Back-up Time (+$24.00)
Add a Model TS433 Wireless Kaypad No, I do not need a TS433 Wireless Kaypad
Yes, Add 1 Model TS433 Wireless Kaypad (+$42.00)
Add Remotes No Extra Remotes
Add 1 TS433TSD21K 1 Button Remote Control Transmitter 433Mhz (+$15.00)
Add 2 TS433TSD21K 1 Button Remote Control Transmitter 433Mhz (+$30.00)
Add 3 TS433TSD21K 1 Button Remote Control Transmitter 433Mhz (+$45.00)
Add 4 TS433TSD21K 1 Button Remote Control Transmitter 433Mhz (+$60.00)
Price: $134.73

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